Cell (646) 260-5731
Height: 6'2                               SAG-AFTRA, AEA              Voice: Baritenor
Weight: 175                Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black                             

One Life to Live                       Jeff (recurring)               ABC Daytime
All My Children                        ER Intern                      ABC Daytime
White Collar                           Senator Pratt Security Guard   USA Network

Beauty and The Beast                   The Beast                      American Family Theatre 
The Tempest-A Musical	               Ferdinand                      The Cherry Lane-NY
Camelot                                Lancelot                       North Valleys-NV
A Funny Thing...Forum                  Hero                           Hug Harlequins-NV
Heaven Can Wait                        Tony Abbot                     Hug Harlequins-NV
Harvey                                 Dr. Lyman Sanderson            Hug Harlequins-NV
Blood Money                            Mike Mason                     Hug Harlequins-NV
Room Service                           Leo Davis                      Hug Harlequins-NV
Blithe Spirit                          Charles Condomine              Hug Harlequins-NV
A Musical Review                       Featured Performer             AMDA Studio One-NY
An Evening in the Spotlight            Featured Performer             Don’t tell Mama NY
Cruise Ship-
Hunt For Jack                          Captain Jack Sparrow           Disney Cruise Line
Meet and Greet                         Captain Jack Sparrow           Disney Cruise Line                                    
Meet and Greet                         Jack Skellington               Disney Cruise Line

Voice Over-
Oliver Twist			       Narrator/Characters (audio book)  Little Fox Inc.
The Willow Creek Twins                 Father (and various extras)       Little Fox Inc.
The Secret Garden                      Narration, Dickon                 Little Fox Inc.
Great Expectations                     Narration/Characters (audio book) Little Fox Inc.
Undersea Magic-Animators Palate        Crush-Animated puppetry included  Disney Cruise Line
Cruisin' with Crush                    Crush-Animated Puppetry included  Disney Cruise Line

Voice: Jacklyn Schneider, Jonathan Faye, Kristen Alford
Musical Theater: David Andrews Rogers, Jeffrey Dunn, Linda Glick, Michael Leeds, Claudia Asbury
Acting: Mark Riherd, Randolf Pearson, David Martin, David Mold, Brent Matthews
Jazz: Michele Hart, Kerry Casserly, Mark Santoro
Tap: Michele Hart, Kerry Casserly, Mark Santoro
Theater Dance: Harry Wollever, Lindsay Chambers
Ballet: Billy Johnstone, Cynthia Murray, Lindsay Chambers, Kerry Casserly
Voice and Speech: Mark Lancaster, Daniel Pardo
Improvisation: Helena Uidja

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Free fall Rappel, Hand held initiated pyro

Special Skills
Tongue Trilling, Bike Riding, Burping on cue, British Dialect, Licensed Driver